Meeting Artists

Considering it has been a few weeks since last post I figured I would provide an update for those that might read this. The last time I was on I had set a goal to do one arm push ups a la Stallone in Rocky thanks to some motivation from my dad. The good news is, they are not as hard as I imagined. It looks nothing like Rocky montage, but one armed push ups have been added to the daily exercise. I have also started to incorporate a mindfulness / deep breathing thing for a few minutes afterwards.  It seems to help round out the whole mind/body connection. 

Enough about my health, let's talk about Art Attacks. We have been busy meeting with local artists here in Omaha and are beginning to form the thing that might one day become a thing. Everyone we have talked to so far has been incredibly encouraging and it is inspiring to talk to people that have such talent. We have a couple events in the works but are mainly focused on meeting new people and developing relationships with artists we have been lucky enough to be in contact with so far. We have been able to add a couple new faces to the artists page so please check out their work!