This page is devoted to those who wish to remain unnamed.

By creating a layer of anonymity, the connection from artist to art has been obscured to get honest feedback. 

Submitting to the gallery, the artist is allowing their work to be judged or critiqued in a way that might help align the ego. Whether they identify as a Montague or a Capulet, the name adds a bias. The aim is to open up a conversation about the piece, not the person. Ultimately, what others think should not shape who you are as a human, but it is nice to step outside yourself every now and again. 

As you look through the gallery, you are encouraged to give feedback honestly and openly without fear of hurting feelings. A great way to gain perspective is to engage in discussion and get outside your comfort zone. If you feel passionately, or see something that others don't, please stand up for what you believe, but please keep the banter focused on the piece and not the people.

You are making the choice to be here so you do so at your own risk. In the interest of free speech, this forum will be moderated as minimally as possible, but if things get outright outrageous, we (or the artist) reserve the right to call timeout. 

Remember the old saying from grade school:

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me."